Family Health

Family Tree Acupuncture caters to the health of the whole family including children and teens. In Chinese Medicine childhood is seen merely as a point on the continuum of a person’s entire lifecycle.Preserving health and wellness at every stage is essential for producing strong, thriving individuals and communities.


Musculo-Skeletal Pain

In Chinese medicine, there are several different patterns and underlying conditions that can lead to arthritis. The organ systems according to Chinese medicine are interrelated, and when one becomes imbalanced it affects the other organs. Therefore, one condition such as arthritis can manifest itself in many different syndromes.


Many believe that osteo-arthritis is a degenerative condition that is inevitable with aging; this characterizes a lack of knowledge concerning healthy aging strategies in our culture. It is wholly realistic to expect to maintain flexibility and mobility read more


Coughs, Colds & Hayfever

Causes of Seasonal Allergies According to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is very effective at addressing seasonal allergies and hay fever because there is a core understanding of the underlying root cause for this bodily imbalance. In Chinese medicine, hay fever has much more to do with the terrain of your body than external forces; in other words, you must have an underlying imbalance or weakness of the Wei Qi to be susceptible to the effects of pollen. Consider our Wei Qi formula.

Seasonal Allergies and TCM

Here are a few of the many reasons that your body becomes out of balance and is susceptible to seasonal allergies:

  • Genetic weaknesses and predisposition to allergies is generally thought of as a Kidney Deficiency and is a constitutional weakness of Essence.
  • Poor eating habits such as eating fried foods, sugars, processed foods, and raw foods can damage the Spleen and lead to Dampness and a weakened immune system. Obviously, improving lifestyle habits is ideal.
  • Chronic stress, ongoing exposure to the natural elements, and lack of rest can create an over taxation on the body and lead to fatigue and weakened resistance to external read more



Western medicine designates types of headaches such as cluster headaches, tension headaches, or migraines to a set of symptoms; in Chinese medicine, diagnosis of headaches depends on a set of patterns. Chinese herbs can alleviate headaches and migraines by addressing the root imbalances leading read more