Post natal Health

Acupuncture has techniques to promote recovery; these include “mother warming” treatments that can be given by her partner, advice on diet and use of specific strengthening and blood building herbs.  In Chinese medicine the post-natal period is merely a point on a continuum which actually starts up to 12 months prior to pregnancy as part of the preparation for producing strong, healthy, robust mothers and babies.

The health of your baby relies fundamentally on the health of yourself. As we know this wonderful new addition to your family brings not only joy and wonder, but sometimes mental and emotional exhaustion. Preemptive measures can be taken before the birth of your little one to ensure that supports are in place to make this transition into parenthood a smooth one in the first few weeks.

Following the birth of your little baby, debriefing can often assist you to move through any  grief or concerns that may be troubling you. An understanding of your experience through a professional perspective can often allay unwanted trauma or sorrow and if required referrals can be made to any number of resources to assist you.

Lainey can assist with lactation and attachment with referral to lactation consultants for tricky attachment problems and further support.