Preventing miscarriage


Miscarriage  is not uncommon with up to 25% of all women with the potential to have one .

Miscarriage is a result of an imbalance between yin and yang. If this imbalance is addressed before pregnancy, the chances of having a healthy fetus are much higher. Regulating the menstrual cycle will not only help prevent miscarriage, as the menstrual cycle is a direct reflection of a woman’s health. Regulating the menstrual cycle also can help promote a woman’s general well-being. This article will attempt to provide general insight into the treatment of miscarriage, both before and after pregnancy begins.

In order to effectively determine the ebb and flow of yin and yang during the cycle, the basal body temperature (BBT) should be taken daily for a period of one month.  For example, if the body temperature during ovulation does not rise significantly, there may be a yin (cold) excess manifestation. Depending on the individual’s situation, treatment can be carried out in various ways. In this case, yin excess could be a result of blockage or dampness. Chances are that higher than normal blood estrogen levels will be present. Factors such as ovarian cyst, endometriosis or fibroid obstruction should be ruled out. Treatment should be based on assisting the body’s yang function by using warm and/or blood-activating herbs. If ovulation occurs before day 12 of the cycle and there is elevated body temperature, yin-tonifying, heat-clearing and/or blood-nourishing herbs can be prescribed. The need for such treatment is based on the concept that yang excess causes the cycle to shorten due to internal body heat.

There are many factors that play a part in miscarriage. Maternal ages are one factor among many that has been time and time again referenced. However traditional Chinese medicine believes that the picture is much more complex than this. Life force of an embryo is a complex interplay of the mother, father’s and the embryo’s own energies. If one or all of these factors is affected then the chances of survival are diminished.