When to start?

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine have been used to treat infertility both for men and women for a few thousand years. Recently a number of clinical studies have shown a significant increase in pregnancy rates in women undergoing in vitro fertilization (IVF)

At Well Woman Acupuncture Centre, our acupuncture IVF support programme is based on these evidence-based protocols. We have designed a number of treatment plans which will be discussed that suits you the best.

Recent medical research has shown the effectiveness of acupuncture for;

  • Reducing stress to increase overall well-being
  • Improving pregnancy rates in conjunction with IVF & Clomid
  • Improves blood flow to the reproductive organs
  • Balancing reproductive hormones
  • Regulates immune function required for implantation
  • Regulating the menstrual cycle & ovulation
  • Improving sperm parameters
  • Reducing painful conditions & inflammation
  • Increasing sexual function


When should I start acupuncture?

You should start acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatment immediately if any one or more of the following situations apply to you:

Age factor: Period: Ovulation: Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART): Existing Diagnosis & History:
  • You are over 36 year old


  • Between 30-35 yo, not conceived after tried for six months
  • 29 yo or younger, not conceived after tried over one year


  • You don’t have regular menstrual cycles;


  • Your cycle is less than 25 days or over 40 days
  • Your have severe Pre-menstrual Tension or extreme menstrual cramping;
  • You are not sure if you’re ovulating or not;


  • You don’t notice any fertile mucus
  • You have ovulation pain or mid-cycle spotting


  • You have previous failed ART treatments such as: IUI, IVF;


  • You are Preparing for fertility treatments, e.g. IUI, IVF
  • Your have two or more consecutive miscarriages


  • Your progesterone levels are lower than normal
  • You have been diagnosed with PCOS/PCOD, Endometriosis


  • Your partner’s sperm testing is abnormal


Preparation for IVF cycle

For a client who will be starting her IVF stimulation we suggest a 3 month preparation for the body. In this time we can try to address any conditions that could affect the IVF being successful. During the three months preparation treatments practitioners can use a combination of Acupuncture, cupping, moxibusion, dietary therapy, vitamins and Chinese herbal medicine.

Once the client begins her drug stimulation all Chinese herbs are stopped to ensure that drug herb interactions do not occur. However Acupuncture is continued bi-weekly until transfer. On the day of the transfer we suggest Acupuncture before and after. After the transfer the client will continue bi-weekly acupuncture.